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Last Thursday, the NFL released the 2016 regular-season schedule. Somehow this release has generated so much attention from us, the fans, that ESPN had to run a two-hour schedule show and the NFL Network chose to spend three hours dedicated to just this release. I guess the NFL needs to find (positive) ways to stay in the news leading up to the NFL Draft (which is only 10 days away).

While the Green Bay Packers schedule definitely has it’s quirks next season…it is never too early to make some predictions on the 2016 season.

Week 1 – at Jacksonville: It may be hot and humid for this one, but the Jaguars will struggle to solve Aaron Rodgers and the passing game…you can bet Rodgers and Jordy Nelson will have something to prove from the outset of this game. WIN.

Week 2 – at Minnesota (SNF): Minnesota opens their new stadium in prime time…SO WHAT! Adrian Peterson is one year older (and still fumbles) and Teddy Bridgewater will struggle to make passes down the field in this one. WIN.

Week 3 – Detroit: Green Bay’s home opener. No more Calvin Johnson for Detroit means there is ZERO chance the Lions win back-to-back games at Lambeau Field. Let a new Packers winning streak begin. WIN.

Week 4 – Bye Week: Way too early for the bye week. Thanks NFL¡

Week 5 – New York Giants (SNF): For some reason, the Giants are always a tough opponent for the Packers. This one will be close, but Eli Manning throws a late pick (shocking) that seals it for Green Bay. WIN.

Week 6 – Dallas: Tony Romo will likely be hurt for this one. If Romo is upright, this could be a very good game…until Romo repeats what Eli did the previous week. Green Bay’s defense will be ranked first in the NFL at this point in the season. WIN.

Week 7 – Chicago (TNF): Jay Cutler is still the quarterback for Chicago, right? And (last year) the Bears beat the Packers at Lambeau on Thanksgiving night when Brett Favre’s number was retired…this one could get ugly as Green Bay will have payback on their minds. WIN.

Week 8 – at Atlanta: After all that home cooking, the Packers are back on the road. Green Bay will have 10 days to prepare for Matt Ryan and the Falcons…again, the Packers defense will be the number one unit in the NFL at this stage. Eli, Romo, Cutler, and Ryan…you can see the trend. WIN.

Week 9 – Indianapolis: Andrew Luck will likely be back to his old self and the Colts offense could be scary, but last time I checked, Indy has NO defense. WIN.

Week 10 – at Tennessee: The Titans will probably have fired Mike Mularkey by this point and Marcus Mariota will likely be injured. WIN.

Week 11 – at Washington (SNF): See last year’s playoff win at FedEx Field. Kirk Cousins will likely not be the Kirk Cousins that he was over the final eight games of last season either. WIN.

Week 12 – at Philadelphia (MNF): Last game of a three-game road stretch. Chip Kelly is gone, but Sam Bradford remains…unless Chase Daniel wins the job. Doug Pederson is the new head coach and knows a lot about Green Bay, but the last time we saw him in a big game… WIN.

Week 13 – Houston: My only fear is J.J. Watt…and it’s a real fear! Brock Osweiler is the new quarterback for the Texans and let’s just say the top ranked Packers defense is going to have a big day against him. WIN.

Week 14 – Seattle: Green Bay is due! And I’m still done with Russell Wilson. WIN.

Week 15 – at Chicago: If Jay Cutler is still the starting quarterback at this point…I think you know the answer. If he is not…the answer is the same. WIN.

Week 16 – Minnesota: The Vikings will go down the toilet after the week 2 loss to the Packers and will likely be playing out the stretch at this point…Bridgewater continues to prove that he isn’t a capable NFL quarterback and Peterson just can’t stop fumbling. WIN.

Week 17 – at Detroit: Well, the Packers aren’t getting to this point…only to lose at Detroit on New Year’s Day. Packers fans will be hungover for this one, but Rodgers and company will only need to play the first half as Matt Stafford continues to throw to the wrong team. WIN.

So there you have it…16-0!

I mean, it’s April 17th…and I just can’t see them losing a single game at this point. Barring an unexpected injury…why can’t this happen? And if does…I’ll say, I told you so. And if it doesn’t…no one will even remember. But thanks for reading anyway.


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