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Mr. Meinen has all the intangibles, not to mention measureables, to be one of the “great” bloggers of his time. I mean, have you seen the size of his hands!

Height: 6’2”  |  Arm Length: 33 inches  |  Weight: 178 lbs.  |  Hands: HUGE

Mr. Meinen began his “impressive” writing career inputting bowling scores for a local newspaper…often times mixing in his friends’ names just to see if anyone would notice. Mr. Meinen quickly worked his way up the journalistic ladder to covering local high school sports and some collegiate events as well…nothing beat interviewing a high school athlete about their triple double (20 points, 15 rebounds, 10 turnovers) in a losing effort. Despite being asked to take on a higher-level position within that company, Mr. Meinen passed to pursue his love of teaching. Now after 13 years of being in the classroom/gymnasium, Mr. Meinen is back to writing again…he’s basically unemployed (not really) at the moment or to put it more succinctly, a free agent looking (always looking) for his next gig. So, please follow along as Mr. Meinen moves with his wife (so she can pursue her dream job) from Wisconsin to California and plans to journal the entire experience along the way…mixing in plenty of his own rants/raves on sports, music, beer, food, and pop culture. Hand’s down, you won’t be disappointed!

Update: Mr. Meinen is back in Wisconsin and after an almost three-year hiatus, back to blogging…stay tuned for more!


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