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Say it with me, in your best Mike Mahnke voice…J.J. WATT!!! It rolls off the tongue SO nicely…very similar to RON DAYNE!!! (skip to the 1:40 mark). In case you missed it last night, ESPN ran the E:60 piece Never Given about J.J. Watt. E:60 has turned into one of my all-time favorite sports shows. For me, it has moved ahead of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel in terms of investigative sports journalism…mainly because E:60 doesn’t constantly recycle old stories. E:60 is the only show on the World Wide Leader that is worth watching…I repeat, the only show that is worth watching (Pardon the Interruption jumped the shark years ago…mainly because Tony Kornheiser started phoning it in). If you are not watching live sports on the four-letter network than you may as well turn it off…because everything else is strictly…FLUFF!

Back to…(Mahnke voice) J.J. WATT…last night’s E:60 piece was very well done. J.J. Watt is the epitome of Wisconsin, and while most Wisconsinites (some better than others) know Watt’s story, the rest of the nation is still learning…hopefully last night’s piece (along with last summer’s Hard Knocks series) gets them up to speed. One can only hope that Watt is able to cap his career by reaching the game’s biggest stage…the Super Bowl. While that doesn’t appear likely in Houston (not with Brian or Ryan Stave at quarterback)…maybe (just maybe) Watt could finish out his career wearing the the Green and Gold…and follow in the footsteps of his childhood idol…Reggie White (and win the Super Bowl). Now that would be quite the story…and I’m sure E:60 and Real Sports would be all over that…and maybe even Hollywood.

As Watt tweeted out last night…”It will never stop being crazy to me. From where we came to where we are.” I’m sure playing in Green Bay would be mind blowing!