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Well, we are finally unpacked. However…we have some issues. The following items arrived, but are damaged, and in some cases, totally unusable. My bike, my watch, our headboard, a couple shelves, a drying rack, a lamp, a curtain rod, the toaster…just to name a few. Oh, and did I mention we are also missing some boxes…namely one that includes our college diplomas. How the F does this happen?!?! I get it, we moved across the country (I expected some minor damages), but I find it totally inexcusable that you would lose people’s stuff! On top of all of that, Clara’s car was even dinged up while being shipped here. So now, we get to fill out a ton of paperwork in hopes of retrieving our things (those boxes better show up) or having them replaced…again, making way more work for us. I am totally convinced we could have made this move from Wisconsin to California much easier had we just done it all ourselves. This unnamed moving company has been a complete joke (but they’ll probably just write it off)! End rant.