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It’s no secret…I do not like Bert…I mean, Bret Bielema! My level of hate for this man is probably higher than I’ve ever had for one human being. So…just when you think you’ve seen it all from #unbielemable, he outdoes himself AGAIN! I’m not sure how ANYONE could have respect for a coach that would even consider pulling a stunt like that on the sideline…much less doing it! One would think that #unbielemable would be a little smarter…considering his days at Arkansas are probably coming to an end very soon…and he just might need an assistant job in the very near future (because NO ONE is gonna hire him as a head coach again…then again someone hired Steve Sarkisiantoo soon?).

Let’s take a look at (2-4) Arkansas’ remaining schedule:

Auburn (3-2), Tennesse-Martin (3-2), at (13) Mississippi (5-1), at (6) LSU (5-0), Mississippi State (4-2), and Missouri (4-2).

Not exactly easy sledding (I’ll give them the Tennesse-Martin game and maybe one more home game, but that’s it). With that schedule, #unbielemable is unlikely to become bowl eligible…and considering how many bowl games there are these days…that is flat out embarrassing!

While Bert’s wife may have sent the tweet…the rest of us know that tweet will soon come to fruition. With an overall record of 12-19 and a 3-16 record in the SEC plus a $4 million dollar a year contract…Saturday’s sideline antic wasn’t just stupid, it was sadly and likely, an act of desperation. And as Jen would say, that is…