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It should be a four-letter word in the state of California (or maybe it is). On some days, I feel like Michael Douglas in the movie Falling Down. I just don’t get it…there are FOUR to FIVE lanes on most freeways (in each direction), and yet people still can’t seem to drive. I’ve also noticed there are very few posted speed limit signs (probably because in most instances…no one can actually drive the speed limit). And don’t even get me started on motorcycles…why are they allowed to drive in between the lanes of traffic?! Yeah, that seems totally safe¡ At least they are required to wear helmets¡

My commute to school (work) is 27 miles one way (it SHOULD take less than 40 minutes to get there). However, on a good day, it takes me 45-50 minutes to get to school. On a bad day (most days), it takes one hour to one hour and twenty minutes plus. And in most instances, I have never even encountered an actual accident. It is absolutely crazy…the starting, the stopping, the slowing down, the starting, the stopping…I just don’t get it. Why can’t people drive in the state of California?!

Thankfully I can listen to almost the entire Green & Gold Today on 540 ESPN (to get my Packer fix) on the way to school and on the way home, I can listen to the Brewers (when they are on the East coast) or Homer & Gabe or my favorite, Sports Central (always good hearing your voice Greg). It is nice to stream Wisconsin sports radio (thank you technology!)…but it doesn’t make the commute that much easier or relaxing. I’ve dealt with commutes in the past…having lived in Wauwatosa and having to drive to Kewaskum. I actually didn’t mind that commute…because I could actually DRIVE without the unnecessary starting and stopping (unless it was winter…even then it wasn’t California bad). A commute can actually be a very good time to decompress…that is why I envy my wife, who gets to take a shuttle to work, and people that can take BART to their place of employment.

They say patience is a virtue…and they also say that time is of the essence (well, you can’t have it both ways!). So which way is it California? Please make up your mind.

More…I just got my Packers season ticket waiting list priority number today. I moved up to 75,432 from 76,171…I should have those Packers season tickets very soon¡ Go Pack Go!