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Thursday Night Football…why do I keep watching this crap?!?! (By the way…what happened to that intro?). Seriously…I need a life! Or maybe…I need to find a Thursday night bowling league to distract me from these games (it definitely worked in the past)…words I never thought I’d say last year at this time…I actually miss bowling (at least the camaraderie).

It seems like each Thursday night, the product on the field gets even worse than the previous week…coincidence? The NFL preaches player safety, but yet it continues to allow teams to play on three days rest…I just don’t get it.

Here’s a closer look at this year’s Thursday night clunkers (er, games) so far…

Week 2 – Broncos 31 at Chiefs 24…good finish (FUMBLE!)

Week 3 – at Giants 32 Redskins 21…two crap teams in this year’s crap division

Week 4 – Ravens 23 at Steelers 20 (OT)…probably, the best of this bunch

Week 5 – Colts 27 at Texans 20…see Week 3

Week 6 – at Saints 31 Falcons 21…same old Falcons in primetime

Week 7 – Seahawks 20 at 49ers 3…GROSS!

Week 8 – at Patriots 36 Dolphins 7…Aqua Stave

Week 9 – at Bengals 31 Browns 10…classic Johnny Rebab…I mean Football

*Note…I did not include Week 1 – Steelers 21 at Patriots 28…due to each team coming off the preseason schedule and being fully rested.

Not exactly instant classics…basically yawners, blowouts, with lots of ugliness mixed in…and the crazy part is that these games are all DIVISIONAL MATCHUPS! These are the opponents that should know each other better than any others…yet, you wouldn’t know it, watching most of these games.

And the NFL is officially trying too hard when they revealed their “Color Rush” uniforms to us tonight (Ditka plug). Guess what NFL…you are not college football! If you want to be like college football…give them their Thursday night football back…all to themselves!

I think this tweet sums up tonight’s uniforms the best…

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 6.40.41 PM

Hey, Christmas is only 42 days away…I’ll take some Packers attire (dammit…I’m feeding the beast).