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It was the spring of 1992…that was the last spring that I did not participate in the sport of track & field as either an athlete or as a coach. Tomorrow, the track & field season begins for all high schools in the state of Wisconsin. It’s hard to believe that last year at this time, I was beginning my first season as head coach at Kewaskum High School…and what a fun season it was!

A lot has (obviously) changed between last March and today…but I have to admit, I already miss the track & field season. From the indoor meets at UW-Oshkosh to the triangulars/quadrangulars and invitationals along the way during the outdoor season…track & field is truly what spring (for me) is all about in the state of Wisconsin. The Conference meets, Regionals, and Sectionals are two of the greatest weeks of the school year…and the State Meet at UW-La Crosse, there is simply nothing like it…in the nation!

I always thought one of my greatest track & field memories would be winning a State title, but when I got into coaching and started having athletes of my own qualify for the State meet…that feeling was quickly matched, as nothing beats seeing the reaction of a high school athlete that just punched their ticket to La Crosse…a celebration I was lucky enough to witness just last year…as four hard-working individuals accomplished this unforgettable feat (I can’t wait to see what this year holds for you four).

Well, good luck to all the high school track & field athletes that begin their journeys tomorrow…especially, YOU…Kewaskum High School. I will be “tracking” your success as close as I can from California. You can and will do great things!

Go Indians!!!


Make memories this season!

Make memories this season!