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Nothing like a little matinee baseball to make the week go by faster (or to at least give me something to do). And as luck would have it, the Milwaukee Brewers just happened to be visiting San Francisco for their lone trip to AT&T Park this season (talk about great timing). With temperatures projected to reach triple digits in Pleasanton, yesterday seemed like a great day to venture into The City and see some afternoon baseball…even though I would have to do this solo, as Clara would have to work (hey, it still is the SOH 13).

I arrived to the stadium well before the opening pitch. So early, that the gates weren’t even open yet. So I wandered around the outside of the stadium taking in all of the monuments and plaques (interesting all the Barry Bonds love, I guess cheaters can prosper), tried to imagine what it would be like to win three World Series titles in the last five years as the Giants have (could Milwaukee or our livers survive even one World Series title), and took many (many) pictures for groups of fans (not sure why they would ask the guy in the Brewers shirt to take their picture, but I did…even if some of them barely spoke English).

Once inside, I was hoping to catch some batting practice…no such luck. With it being a day game, the players were forced to take BP in the cages under the stadium. So instead of watching the players hit, I was stuck watching the Brewers pitching staff go through their warm-ups. While definitely not as exciting as BP, watching MLB players warm-up by playing catch (just like we did as kids growing up) still is cool to watch. All I could think of at that point, was how lucky these guys are to play baseball for a living. It just can’t feel like a job…can it? No way.

Matt Garza and Kyle Lohse (bomb) playing a little pitch and catch.

Matt Garza and Kyle Lohse (bomb) playing a little pitch and catch.

Once the game started, there were limited Brewers highlights. Outside of a couple of nice grabs by Carlos Gomez (is he/was he traded?) and another two-hit day by Gerardo Parra (will he be traded?), the Brewers failed to generate much excitement for the 50-100 of us Brewers fans that were in attendance. And by the time the wheels were starting to fall off for the Brewers in the 7th inning, I realized I could never (ever) be a Giants fan. The Giants fans were starting to remind me of Chicago Cubs fans…you know, the kind that stand up and get excited for easy fly balls caught in the outfield (not even warning track power).

So as any veteran sports fan would do when you see your team is down by a number that looks insurmountable (and you are in enemy territory to boot)…I headed to the bar. And why wouldn’t I, 21st Amendment is right up the street. It also was happy hour.

So what did I learn yesterday…I can watch the Brewers lose anywhere this year (I’ve now seen it in person at home and on the road…probably the last game I’ll see all year too), Miller Park is still way better than AT&T Park (this was my second experience at AT&T, and while I like it…I’m just not a fan of their standing room only policies, really high beer prices, and no secret stadium sauce), and I will never, ever be a Giants fan (the Brewers are probably gonna be bad for some time, but they are still my Brewers). One last add, I need to remember to pack some sunscreen next time…burnt forehead, not good!