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There are simply no words for this! I mean…Steph Curry is just flat out ridiculous! Curry is a like watching a human video game…actually he’s better than the video game! But that hasn’t stopped NBA 2K16 from trying…this is almost as awesome as the real thing!

My wife and I took in last night’s game at Drake’s Dealership in Oakland…and I must say, I WAS IMPRESSED! Not only was Drake’s a really cool place to hang out, but the crowd there last night was fabulous! The fans were SO into the basketball game (I mean, this was simply game 58 of an 82-game schedule)…the atmosphere at Drake’s reminded me of all the fun we had during the last two Final Four runs by the Badgers. It was really energetic…and made me realize I need to go out for more Golden State Warriors games.

As for the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls 72-win mark…there was part of me that wanted that record to remain intact, but after last night…I realized it will probably be more fun (A LOT more fun) to watch the record go down…especially if I get the opportunity to witness more games in an atmosphere like last night (and since the Bucks are officially done).

Special shout-out…before we went to Drake’s yesterday, we took in Fieldwork Brewing Co. and The Rare Barrel…both were super! I literally can’t wait to get back to Berkeley!

In the meantime, more Curry please! MVP! MVP! MVP! GOAT?