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Well, we survived our first weekend in California. After sleeping in on Saturday (kind of), we ran some errands so that our temporary home (apartment actually) has all the amenities that we need to survive over the next couple of weeks. The Pleasanton Farmers’ Market, Target, Costco, Walmart, Safeway…all we missed was Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond and we would have had a nice little Saturday…just ran out of time I guess.

We also spent some time driving around looking for an apartment this weekend…as our searching has been done exclusively on the Interweb since our visit in early June. This has become a very daunting task. Pictures online never paint the true picture of what these places actually look like. Everything is small and expensive…and in a lot of cases, not very impressive. We aren’t sold on the apartment complex idea either and would rather find a home that we can rent, but getting in touch with people has become quite the process as well. Hopefully in the next week (fingers crossed) we will find something. While our temporary housing (apartment) is fine, it is temporary and it just doesn’t feel like home, and besides…Ari misses all of our furniture!

On Sunday afternoon, after some more house rental hunting, we decided to have a little fun and did a wine tasting at Wente. The wine was great and the complex was really nice. And because Altamont Beer Works was super close by, we had to make a stop there…I really dig this place and their brew. And it just wouldn’t be California if we didn’t hit In-N-Out Burger, so we closed out our Sunday there. All in all, a nice start to our California adventure.

Tidbits…I was able to stream the Brett Favre Packers Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday night (thank God for technology). It was really good stuff, and I could have listened to Holmgren, Winters, and Favre tell stories all night. In the end, this is what life is truly all about…not the wins and losses (remind me of that during the season). And I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention how much I miss Jim Irwin and Max McGee calling games…I absolutely loved their calls during the highlights portion of the program. It brought back so many great memories. Also, in case you haven’t noticed, the Brewers are undefeated since we left Wisconsin. I’m taking all the credit for this, but I have to ask…when are the trades going to start happening? Seriously! Lastly, I’m addicted to the show Ballers on HBO…I’m not sure if it is even that good of a show, but I can’t stop watching. I love Ricky Jerret! It has become my new summer addiction show.

And now, time to settle in for the conclusion of The Open Championship. Spiethslam?