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Over the last couple of days, I have taken a great liking to the following burns…let’s just say, some of the people involved…truly had it coming (you’ve been pwned)!

1. Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury telling Bret Bielema what he really thought about the Arkansas Razorbacks football program. The truth hurts…but of course, “Big Game Bret,” wouldn’t let it go the next day…when Kingsbury had CLEARLY moved on from his previous days’ comments. I (along with every Wisconsin football fan) CAN’T WAIT for the day that Bielema is canned at Arkansas…and it is likely to be (very) soon. #unbielemable (I wish I still had those stickers).


Uncanny resemblance


2. Aaron Rodgers crediting God for Sunday night’s victory over the Seattle Seahawks. What’s that Russell Wilson…do you still believe that God cares about who wins football games?! To refresh everyone’s memory, here is my real take on Russell Wilson. #phony

3. Thank you Deadspin, for truly summing up Scott Walker…I don’t like to EVER talk politics (especially in this blog), but this was too good to pass up. I’ll let you read the excerpt because I couldn’t have said it any better myself. #dropout


Now fix that bald spot!


4. I am not an Oakland Raiders fan by any means (as a matter of fact, I like them even less – if that’s possible – since our move to California), but this response to Super Bowl L (ahem, 50)…is just too perfect. #thisleague

Does anyone else hear the Bloodhound Gang playing in the background…or as George Costanza would say, flame on! (skip to 3:11 mark) #priceless