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During the wee hours of the morning on January 1st (when all good ideas are usually concocted…thanks Mike and Pat), while drinking a Jigger Ale (beer #1) at The Horse & Plow, I decided I would use the Untappd app (drink socially) to track ALL the beers I would drink in 2015 (I was curious what the number might be).

As the beers were going down quite easily/quickly during the month of January (what else is there to do during that month in Wisconsin), I set a goal (thanks Jimmy V)…to drink 1,000 beers during 2015. And thanks to the Packers and Badgers successes, I was well over 100 beers for the month of January alone…a pace I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up…but with that, I knew, 1,000 could be attainable…as long as I remembered to check-in each beer. By July 1st…I was still ahead of the pace.

Well…yesterday, at The Trappist, I rolled 1,000 over on my beer odometer. I enjoyed a St. Bernardus Abt 12 for beer #1,000…it was delicious!

Beer #1,000 in all its glory.

Beer #1,000…in all its glory.

The official check-in.

The official check-in.

With all that being said…here are the “stats” on my 1,000 beers. I just love stats!

  • Different (distinct) beers: 402
  • Drinking badges earned: 233
  • Highest check-in: Miller Lite (285)…next was Spotted Cow (22)
  • Highest rated: 5 stars – Pliny the Elder and St. Bernardus Abt 12
  • Lowest rated: 2 stars – Hopsburger (Grumpy Troll), Coffee & Cigarettes (Cellarmaker), and Star Baby IPA (Brenner)
  • Beers per day (based on 339 days): 2.95 beers
  • Beers per month (based on 11.16 months): 89.60 beers
  • Hangovers: I’d rather not say…
The official numbers.

The official numbers.

Now, the question is…how many more beers can I drink before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st…only time will tell (I also have been challenged), but I will definitely keep you posted.

And, please remember…always drink responsibly! Cheers!