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No, it’s REALLY happening! The cars got loaded up today and we shall see them again on July 30th…that’s right, TWO weeks from today we will get them out in California. I don’t want to know what happens with our vehicles between now and then, but just get them to California in one piece please!

The house got packed up today as well (tomorrow everything gets loaded up in a truck). Three gentlemen (in between several smoke breaks) completed this task in around six hours…they really had things down to a system. I had no idea that our stuff would fit into so many boxes. I’m just glad I didn’t have to do all of that packing, but I was informed that I will have to do all the unpacking…which I’m already dreading. Meanwhile, our cat Ari is loving his new jungle gym…jumping around from box to box. Speaking of Ari, tomorrow is his big day…as he will be flying with us on the airplane. Doesn’t this look like the most comfortable seat…for 6-8 hours!


We are hoping Ari will be a trooper and will have no problems getting to the airport, getting checked in at the airport, flying 4 hours from MKE to SFO, the craziness of baggage claim, the fun of getting our rental car, and finally driving to our temporary housing…this is GUARANTEED to be QUITE the interesting experience.

And now, here I am…sitting on my couch, staring at my 52-inch high definition television that is in it’s box.

IMG_2987 (1)

All I can do is ponder the last couple of days/weeks…it is has been quite the whirlwind. Thank you everyone for all the kind words, thoughts, and positive vibes. We appreciate all of your friendships and you will all be missed. Special thanks to my mom and sister for going out with Clara and I one final time this evening. It was great and we will certainly miss you guys the most.

And with that…I am going to enjoy one final beer (or two) at 245 Pine Street. Cheers all!

Update: The moving semi has arrived and the loading has begun.