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The Modesto Nuts!

Well, I survived my first trip to Modesto (The Death Star…yes, George Lucas is from there)…barely. Let’s just put it this way, if Clara had made us live in Modesto…I’d already be back living in Wisconsin (and I’m being dead serious). I’d compare Modesto to a Wisconsin city, but I don’t want to offend any cities there (just think of your least favorite city in Wisconsin and times that by 10, and you’ll have Modesto). When one of your most popular bars is in a strip mall…you know you have problems (major problems). Thankfully, the Modesto Nuts game was fun (very similiar to a Lakeshore Chinooks game, but with less people). It was also Barefoot Tasting Night at the game (very refreshing¬°)…I guess that was probably why we got free tickets (plus almost half of the entire crowd were Gallo employees…we also could have gotten a free Nuts hat). We even spent the night in Modesto at the Best Western Palm Court Inn…nothing like staying in a motel¬†(Pitbull wasn’t there). Today, I got the much anticipated E&J Gallo tour (nothing like getting a tour from a recent college graduate). It was nice, but nothing too amazing (the history and production were impressive though…more of that please). I guess you could say, been there done that (when you’ve been on as many brewery tours as I have…you become desensitized to it all). Well, I survived, and safe to say, I probably won’t be going be back to Modesto anytime soon…maybe a Nuts game (I guess).

More: Special shout-out to our little buddy, Ari. Five years ago today (time flies), we went to the Wisconsin Humane Society just to look for a cat…and lo and behold, we came home with Ari. It’s been a blast having Ari in our family the last five years…he has definitely changed our lives (Ari has no trouble waking us up super early every morning…he’s like a kid), and more impressively he made it to California no problem at all (where he is living the life in our fenced in yard). Ari, enjoy an extra scoop of food on us tonight…hopefully the food coma will help you sleep an extra hour or two.

Ari's (or Moo Moo's) adoption photo.

Ari’s (or Moo Moo’s) adoption photo.

Even more: Tomorrow we are making the trek to Russian River Brewing Company. There are no words that I can use to give this place the proper recognition it deserves. So, let’s just put it this way…it is going to be AWESOME! (I got the cooler all ready).