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I want to ride my bike (now that song will be stuck in your head). Seriously, it is so nice to have my bike back…even though it is not in tip-top shape (thanks moving company). Exploring a new city is best done on a bike. You can see so many things that you wouldn’t normally be able to take in while driving in a car and there are always cool bike trails to check out. So as I get acquainted to the Livermore area and find the fastest route to Altamont Beer Works, it is nice to have a little piece of home back…my bicycle, bicycle, bicycle!

Speaking of back home, yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with a former student/athlete of mine, Jake. Jake was one of my really good jumpers from back in the day (he was actually pretty good at everything…especially pole vault) and is currently doing work out in Redding, California. Jake attended UW-Oshkosh and competed in track & field while there (I think I may have helped recruit him there). It was nice to catch up with him and reminisce about the glory days at good ol’ UW-Zero…especially over beers at 21st Amendment (Jake’s pick). I guess we learned something at Oshkosh…how to drink beer and find good breweries. And yes, that is back-to-back Wednesday’s spent at 21st Amendment. I guess you have to become a regular somewhere…right?