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It was a good day (cue Ice Cube)! Yesterday I had the opportunity to have one final breakfast with the Assholes + Carla (the Assholes know who they are). This group of misfits (myself included) have a very special bond and I am going to miss working and hanging out with each of them. I can only hope that in my next job, I will be lucky enough to have colleagues just like them. I’m going to miss the Seinfeld-type banter that this group has, but I’m sure I’ll keep in touch as our group text messages are a LOGICAL sounding board when you need an escape from reality.

After breakfast I was lucky enough to get in one final round of golfing with my dad. I’m going to miss being able to get a round of golf in with my dad (plus Ken sometimes) during the summer months. It was the perfect day yesterday, the weather cooperated, the slower group let us play through, and I had the ball rolling for a bit on the front nine. So while we won’t be able to golf together as much, I’ll definitely cherish the rounds we had together, and maybe I could even be convinced to do a fishing trip to Canada in the future…we shall see. Either way, it may be time for my dad to invest in a golf travel bag (or borrow Uncle Jim’s) so that we can play some rounds in California…during the winter months. FORE!

To conclude the day, Clara and I had dinner with J Hawley. It was nice to catch up and talk Badgers and Packers. John and I have known each other for almost 20 years, as we met after…I allowed occupants in my vehicle to fire missiles at another moving vehicle. During that time, John has seen me grow up (a little, I hope) and it’s nice to continue our friendship even when our lives become busy and we sometimes drift apart. Hopefully we can get together sooner rather than later in California…or at the nearest Badgers or Packers event.

I got to say, today (yesterday…sorry, I watched the Home Run Derby last night) was a good day!

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