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Happy 1st Day of School to all of my friends back in Wisconsin (only 179 more days to go¡). Hopefully, you were able to accomplish everything you set out to do this summer and are recharged for another school year (remember…15th and 30th¡). I must admit, it sure feels strange not taking part in today’s opening day activities. This is my first missed opportunity since I was probably four years old…as I’ve always been able to take part in some fashion…whether as a student or as a teacher. Well, best of luck to everyone this year…the year will fly by…it always does (even though we say it doesn’t). As for myself…the Summer of Hand 13 (SOH13) officially becomes the Fall of Hand 1 (FOH1). Thanks California…you’ve really outdone yourself this time (more on this later). Time to hit the links (I guess)!


Reserved for Mr. Meinen…thanks for saving my old parking spot at KHS on the 1st day of school.