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To the Milwaukee Bucks…




It had been 3,817 days since the Green Bay Packers won Super Bowl XLV. At times, it felt like a Championship would never happen again for any of the teams that I grew up watching. I have witnessed so many ball kicks since February 6, 2011, and too many of them in person!

During Giannis Antetokounmpo’s rookie season, I attended 26 home games. The Bucks were so bad that season (they won only 15 games and I saw seven of those wins), that they offered a Black Friday special where you could attend the remaining home games for only $99, TOTAL! My friend Robin and I jumped on that deal and saw some of the worst basketball the city of Milwaukee has ever seen. The highlight of those 26 games was seeing a Coolio concert at halftime and the numerous fan giveaways…so many posters!

Coolio…with antlers!

Great decorations for a classroom…I should have kept them.

So to be at Game 6 of the NBA Finals (thank you Justin and my wife for helping me pull the trigger on tickets), and see the Bucks raise the Larry O’Brien Trophy on their home court, is definitely the greatest sports moment that I have ever witnessed. As I sent out the tweet, “WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” tears of joy streamed down my face, the same tears I had on that February night back in 2011.

Sports are such an emotional ride, but when your team comes out on top, there is no greater thrill. Again, a huge THANK YOU to the Milwaukee Bucks…your 2021 NBA CHAMPIONS!!!

Matching shirts…and we bought even more matching shirts later!

NUTS!!! Brandon Jennings and the moment you knew it was really going to happen…IN YOUR LIFE!



UPDATE… I still cannot believe I saw an actual victory parade in the streets of Milwaukee…and I cannot believe I saw Matzek in that parade (actually, that part I can believe).

Hi Greg!


Not the best seat in the house, but I was there…WHAT. A. RIDE.